About SkyDance Imaging

Welcome, glad you're here!

My name is Joseph "Blaze" Baranauskas and I'm a "semi-retired" IT professional.

SkyDance was founded in Sept 2021 as a result of career burn out from over 25yrs of software engineering.

For the last 10 or so years, I've wanted to change careers as I was no longer passionate about software and enterprise architecture.

In any event, during those years, I contemplated a change but didn't know what else I could do. Engineering is about the only "adult" career I've ever had.

I thought about real estate, but we all know that's a tough racket. Especially getting started.

After giving some thought as to what I'm personally passionate about, the only thing that made sense is my thrill of flying either manned aircraft or more recently UAS / UAVs.

So, as a logical extension of my creativity and aptitude for flight, it only made sense to make a business of it.

Considering the explosive advancement in drone technology and burgeoning market of applications, it only made sense.

Then I started thinking about how to scale a drone operation which led me to the next tangent.

I've been involved with ride-share over the years in varying capacities.

Thinking about that business model, I considered how it might be applied to a service business such as this.

Typically, drone pilots seek out work through Craigslist, networking, cold calling and numerous other means.

The flip side to this train of thought is a business owner whom needs aerial imaging services.

This individual would have to do their own research, recruiting, vetting and hiring/contracting a qualified pilot of interest that matches their requirements.

I thought, doesn't this seem to be obvious?

I mean, combine the ride-share business model with real people interested in both sides of the same coin with regards to drone applications.



Having said all that, well, here we are...

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!