ACSL Unveils New NDAA-Compliant SOTEN Drone in the U.S. with Pricing and Authorized Dealers

new SOTEN droneNavigating the Future: ACSL Introduces NDAA-Compliant SOTEN Drone with Affordable Pricing and Authorized Dealers

ACSL, Inc. (ACSL), the renowned Japanese drone manufacturer, reveals the pricing, availability, and authorized dealers for its highly anticipated SOTEN small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). ACSL made its debut in the U.S. drone market in May 2023, and after extensive feedback from potential clients, it is now prepared to introduce the upgraded SOTEN to the American market.

SOTEN, known for its affordability and capabilities, features a swappable camera and robust encryption processes, making it suitable for a wide range of missions, including critical infrastructure projects. The drone has undergone significant enhancements, including reduced video latency, improved gimbal and camera controls, an enhanced user interface, and compliance with FAA remote ID requirements.

new SOTEN droneACSL’s 2024 roadmap includes further improvements such as an upgraded optical/thermal camera, smart controller enhancements, extended flight time, long-range communications, cellular network connectivity, and an SDK for third-party software development.

The initial batch of 50 SOTEN drones arrived in the U.S. in late 2023, with plans for additional units to meet the increasing demand for secure, versatile, and high-performance small UAS. Priced at under $10,000 USD, the standard package is now available for order through authorized retailers.

The standard package includes the essentials for quick setup, comprising the drone, a standard camera (20MP 1” sensor with mechanical shutter), remote controller, smart battery, and all necessary cables. Additionally, ACSL will offer specialized kits, such as the Inspections Kit, which includes the drone, standard camera, 4 batteries, a hard carrying case, spare propellers, and a triple battery charging system.

new SOTEN drone

SOTEN, the pioneer of a swappable camera system, is particularly well-suited for critical infrastructure inspections and disaster relief efforts. Manufactured in Japan, the SOTEN adheres to strict security standards, ensuring the optional encryption of collected photo and video data recorded to the on-board memory card, and always encrypting communication between the drone and the controller.

Dr. Christopher Raabe, Global CTO of ACSL, expressed gratitude for the positive response from the market, stating, “We have been very grateful for the enthusiastic welcome from the market, and we will remain customer and partner focused as we continuously improve our technology.”

As part of its expansion strategy, ACSL has announced a select list of authorized dealers to support SOTEN’s entry into the market. Notable partners include Advexure, Blue Skies Drones, DronesMadeEasy, Frontier Precision Unmanned, General Pacific (GenPac Drones), Gresco UAS, UVT, and Volatus Drones. These authorized dealers will not only serve as distributors but also as certified repair and service experts, ensuring seamless customer service and support in the region.

Cynthia Huang, CEO of ACSL, Inc., emphasized the company’s commitment to bringing Japanese technological leadership into the U.S. market, saying, “Japan has been a renowned technology leader for decades, and we are committed to carrying that legacy into the small UAS as well as the greater robotics industry as we ramp up operations globally.”

To place an order for SOTEN or learn more, visit the ACSL website.

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