AgEagle Integrates Wing OpenSky into Measure Ground Control

AgEagle Wing OpenSky MeasureAgEagle Teams with Wing to Integrate OpenSky into Ground Control

by Ian M. Crosby

Today, industry leader AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Measure, has teamed up with Wing in order to integrate Wing’s OpenSky airspace access app into Measure Ground Control, a software platform for automating drone operations workflows. OpenSky helps drone operators to more easily abide by airspace rules and regulations, as well as request authorization to fly in controlled airspace in near real-time.

“It is AgEagle’s goal to deliver only best-in-class, full stack drone solutions to the market,” said AgEagle CEO Brandon Torres Declet. “In this regard, integrating OpenSky from Wing into Measure Ground Control is expected to materially enhance the capabilities and underpinning value proposition AgEagle offers to our enterprise and government customers, which require accurate situational awareness to safely and compliantly operate their drone programs in the U.S. airspace.”

Measure will make use of Wing’s OpenSky API to assist users in determining where they can fly and plan flight missions. Should they need to request flight authorizations for a specific mission, users will be brought to the OpenSky app to do so, before returning to the Measure app where they can fly their mission, collect and analyze data and more.

“We built OpenSky because we believe it is paramount that everyone be able to access the sky safely,” said Reinaldo Niegron, Wing’s Head of UTM. “Since we launched OpenSky, it has been used by tens of thousands of operators to find out where they can safely fly and request necessary authorizations.”

OpenSky enables recreational and commercial drone operators alike to check airspace information to find out where they can and can’t fly, request authorizations from regulators, and manage and log their flights and permissions to their pilot profile. OpenSky grants near-real-time authorizations for drone pilots who seek to operate in controlled airspaces via the FAA’s LAANC’s program and Australia’s Automated Access Authorizations Trial, and is capable of providing authorizations in seconds. OpenSky is available for free in the U.S. and Australia on both Google Play and the App Store. An API for OpenSky has been developed that lets companies like Measure make OpenSky available to its own users through their own app.

Measure lets enterprises harness the benefits of drone technology through its Ground Control SaaS solution, a cloud-based plug-and-play operating system that provides pilots and large enterprises with everything they need to operate drone fleets, fly autonomously, collaborate globally, visualize data and integrate with existing business systems and processes. Measure has a world class customer base, including Fortune 500 companies such as Marathon Pipeline, CNN, CoStar Group, Nationwide Insurance, SECO Energy, Skanska and Syngenta, and more.

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