Andy Armacost, President of University of North Dakota: This Week on Dawn of Drones at a Special Time!

Defenders month continues with this episode of the Dawn of Drones podcast on Wednesday October 13th, at a SPECIAL TIME (this week only: 1 pm ET/12 pm CST), live from the UAS Summit and Expo in Grand Forks, North Dakota.   Watch below!

Join host Dawn Zoldi LIVE from the UAS Summit and Expo in Grand Forks, North Dakota, as she reunites with guest (Brig Gen USAF Ret) Andy Armacost, former US Air Force Academy Dean and current University of North Dakota President.

The two will be joined by Robert Menti from defense giant Northrop Grumman. Together they will discuss the important drone education programs, R&D and real world drone and counter-drone applications that support our current and future defenders and the nation!

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