Azur’s Skeyetech – DIZI Recognized as a Major Innovation in Drones for Nuclear Sites at WNE

drones for nuclear, Azur drones, drones for radiationAzur Drones  has won a major award at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE.) Only a few weeks after launching, Azur’s Skeyetech – DIZI, an autonomous solution to detect radioactivity, has been recognized as a game-changer in drones for nuclear site inspections.

Radiation detection is an ideal application for autonomous drones: it’s dangerous, expensive, and time consuming for humans to carry out, and critical to the safety of communities and uninterrupted service.  WNE Awards reward the latest innovations in the industry: and Azur’s new solution won first prize in the “Products and Services Innovations” category.

“Developed in partnership with AVNIR Energy, the Skeyetech-DIZI solution is the first scintillation detector embedded on an autonomous drone. This solution enables to carry out 24/7 radioactivity measurements on a site very quickly and automatically,” says an Azure press release.

“Skeyetech-DIZI is a real innovation for the safety and environmental control of nuclear sites. Thanks to the miniaturization of the detector embedded in an autonomous drone, it offers, in comparison with current solutions, essential advantages for radioactivity measurement,” explains Patrick Landais, President of the WNE Awards Jury.

Drones for Nuclear Sites

Skeyetech-DIZI has already been deployed by customers in the French nuclear industry, and the global nuclear industry is taking notice.  Flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) has been allowed under certain circumstances in France since early on in the drone industry’s development, enabling full autonomy and helping French drone manufacturers to test and expand autonomous capabilities.  Skeyetech autonomous drone solutions have been deployed on the Orano La Hague site, a world-renowned nuclear fuel treatment and recycling facility, since the beginning of 2021.

“We are very proud to equip today some of the most sensitive sites in the world with our made-in-France technology. As Skeyetech was designed to reinforce the protection of people, assets and the environment on critical sites, establishing ourselves in the nuclear field is a real victory for our teams”, concludes Jean- Marc Crépin, CEO of Azur Drones.

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