BRINC CEO Blake Resnick is This Year’s Youngest Forbes 30 Under 30 “Social Impact” Honoree

Brinc CEO DRONERESPONDERS sponsor, SWAT team drones, BRINC drones, Lemur21-year old BRINC CEO Blake Resnick is the creator of the Lemur line of drone solutions – and the successful company behind them.  Now, Resnick is the youngest person named to this year’s prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact list.

It’s another big win for Resnick, who has become a superstar in the business world – and for the drone industry, as an influential mainstream media company recognizes that drone technology offers signficant positive social impact.

In 2017, Resnick’s home town of Las Vegas witnessed the horror of the Mandalay Bay mass shooting.  That event led Resnick to focus on the creation of a tool that could help response teams search buildings after an event – a tool with the potential to save lives.  With sheer persistance, Resnick developed the Lemur: a tool for SWAT team missions designed to keep both suspects and officers safe.

The Lemur can enter a building, effectively search every room, providing eyes and ears on the scene without putting a human officer in danger, and providing two-way communication with a suspect when required.  Designed based on feedback from officers, the tool offers all of the features that SWAT teams and other emergency responders require: it’s rugged, it flies without GPS, it can flip itself over if it lands on its back.  As a company, BRINC backs up the Lemur with the training, guarantees, and services that mission-critical equipment requires.

By any measure, BRINC is a success. BRINC drones are used around the world, they’ve hired top talent, their US-based manufacturing is up and running, and the company has received $25 million in funding, an impressive Series A round.

Still, the BRINC CEO stands out in the industry not only for his success and his age, but for his vision. BRINC’s published “Values and Ethics” include building only lifesaving tools, not those designed to harm; to be honest and transparent; and to be mindful of the implication of their work.   Being honored on the “30 Under 30” Social Impact List is a recognition of the BRINC CEO’s willingness to tackle the most challenging questions facing technology companies today: balancing technology with human impact, today and in the future.