Chinese Startup Unveils New Cargo Drone

Ziyan, a Chinese-based startup, is stepping into 2024 with the launch of its latest innovation, the Grey Whale G1, a next-generation cargo unmanned helicopter.

The Grey Whale G1 is tailored for transporting payloads across diverse terrains, from islands to high-altitude mountainous regions, promising users enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and heightened safety in air transportation solutions.

Highlighted advantages of the Grey Whale G1 include a payload capacity of 21kg, a flight range spanning 60km, and integrated safety features such as a built-in parachute. These additions ensure stable and precise autonomous landings in emergency situations, significantly bolstering operational safety standards.

Additionally, the drone offers optional functionalities beyond cargo transport. It can be utilized not only for delivering supplies and equipment but also for engaging ground targets through supplementary armament, comprising small-caliber bombs or missile systems.

Zhuhai Ziyan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Co., Ltd., the company behind this technological innovation, specializes in pioneering research and development efforts focused on cutting-edge small and medium-sized electric unmanned helicopters.

Source: Defence Blog