Dark Matter Gen 2 has just landed! – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

Improved Reliability – Increased Safety – Optimised Performance 

Six years has passed since the first Dark Matter UAV took to the skies to perform aerial operations.

In that time, we are proud to look back on the achievements our in house designed, precision-engineered, Carbon Fibre range of UAV’s have accomplished.

From arduous tethered endurance tests, right the way through to partnering with the World Food Programme (read the story here) to help provide aerial solutions in disaster areas. The Dark Matters’ construction and endurance characteristics have allowed it to become the UAV of choice for many pilots around the world.

But time marches on and six years is a very long period in this industry. Technology has advanced and although pilots’ capabilities have increased with new sensors, applications and other equipment, their need remains the same. They want a stable, reliable and Proven aircraft.

So, What’s New?

On the exterior, our striking design bares a lot of resemblance to the first generation with a few little modifications and additions (Fixed antenna and dual GPS modules). We have also kept the modular aspects too, providing better flexibility and future-proofing for our customers. But don’t let that fool you in to thinking that’s all we have changed. Although little has changed on the outside, ALOT has changed on the inside.

Improved Reliability

All new hardware eco-system
The 2nd Generation Dark Matter UAV’s are now controlled by Cube auto-pilot. Allowing for far greater flexibility around payloads, sensors, GCS compatibility and additional options.
This has also added even greater refinement and stability, further raising the bar in terms of flight characteristics.

NDAA Compliant
The chipsets in all of our 2nd generation aircraft complies with all the current NDAA regulations.

A More Robust Landing Gear Retraction System
We have refined our landing gear retraction system to ensure flawless results for our pilots who require flawless 360 degree views right after take-off. We also offer a variety of landing gear options, should you require something specific for your application.

Increased Safety 

An additional GPS module
As the value of payloads increases and safety and reliability are two of our major priorities, we have now integrated a second GPS module on to the aircraft providing more redundancy.

With the two modules now positioned on top of the aircraft to deliver the best results, this has freed up space on the rear of the aircraft for more 3rd party options like parachutes. As well as providing our pilots with more peace of mind.

Better visibility both physically and digitally

ADSB options are also now available across the range. Allowing the Remote Pilot, aircraft in the vicinity and local air traffic control to easily locate and track each other, further mitigating risk during the flight operations.

We have also worked to make our aircraft more physically conspicuous by refining our navigation lighting to distribute the light better whilst maintaining overall brightness. Flashing green status lights and also GPS status lights for each GPS module all work together to ensure the 2nd generation can be easily spotted in all conditions.

Optimised Performance

Our precision engineered, carbon fibre airframe has also been refined, resulting in a 30% lighter and stronger airframe without compromising the aircraft’s performance or structural integrity.

RTK ready

All of our second generation aircraft now come RTK ready. Simply pair up with a ground station to deliver highly accurate results for surveying and mapping missions.

Carry more equipment – for longer

thanks to our new on-board eco-system, it is now possible to mount a payload to both the top and bottom of the aircraft.  Along with our weight-saving measures and newer battery type, the 2nd Generation can now stay airborne for up to 55 minutes.

Want to know more?

At Clogworks we pride ourselves on being able to deliver bespoke solutions for our customers. Want to see what we can do for your operation? Do you have any specific questions around our products? Email us at [email protected] or call us on (+44)1484687989 and one of the team members will be more than happy to help.