DDD Coil Design for Wireless Charging of UAVs

Tuğba H. Doğan andAli Ağçal at the Department of Electrical and Electronics,Engineering, Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, recently published their research into DDD coil design for wireless charging of unmanned aerial vehicles.


The utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) has become prevalent nowadays. UAVs are autonomous devices, except for self‐charging. Wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies eliminate human intervention in UAV charging and enable independent charging.

The factors making WPT systems popular are autonomizing charging, eliminating cable complexity, and avoiding difficulties caused by environmental conditions. WPT of the UAV in the near field is provided by inductive coupling. In this paper, two vertical rectangular coils and horizontal DDD (triple rectangle) coils were placed in the receiver and the transmitter for UAV wireless charging, respectively.

The design of the coils was made in ANSYS Maxwell 3D. A wireless charger of the UAV was designed for 100 W output power at 140 kHz frequency. The misalignment tolerance of the proposed design concerning the x‐ and y‐axis was examined. In addition, the magnetic flux density and magnetic field distributions of the WPT system were investigated.

The study found that the proposed design can transfer energy wirelessly with 94% efficiency up to 10.3 cm horizontal and 1.7 cm vertical misalignment.

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Source: ResearchGate