DJI Delivery Drone Launched Globally: FlyCart 30

DJI Delivery DroneDJI Delivery Drone: Game-Changing DJI FlyCart 30 for Global Aerial Delivery Solutions

DJI, the world’s premier provider of civil drones and innovative camera technology, has launched the groundbreaking DJI FlyCart 30 (FC30) to revolutionize the global market.

Last month, DJI received FAA certification of Remote ID Compliance for the FlyCart 30, previously available only in China.  Today, coincidentally following Walmart’s announcement of newly expanded residential drone

The DJI delivery drone addresses conventional transport challenges with its impressive payload capacity, extended operational range, exceptional reliability, and intelligent features. Designed to enhance efficiency and flexibility in delivery operations, including mountain, offshore, and emergency rescue transportation, the DJI FlyCart 30 is set to become a trusted solution for industries worldwide.

Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI, emphasized the transformative impact of DJI’s industrial-grade drones, stating, “From agriculture to construction management and surveying, DJI’s industrial-grade drones have transformed industries by improving safety for workers and productivity for businesses. We are optimistic that FlyCart 30 will become a trusted solution for aerial delivery, solving complex terrain and terminal transportation problems efficiently, economically, and most importantly, safely from the air.”

DJI Delivery Drone Flycart 30Key Features of DJI FlyCart 30

Long-range Heavy Payload Capacity:
– Coaxial four-axis, eight-blade, multi-rotor configuration with carbon fiber propellers.
– 20 m/s maximum flight speed.
– Dual-battery configuration for carrying a 30 kg payload over 16 km.
– Emergency single-battery configuration allows a payload capacity of 40 kg for 8 km.
– DJI O3 transmission ensures a stable connection up to 20 km.
– Dual Operator mode for control transfer between two pilots in different locations.

DJI Delivery Drone Flycart 30Ready for Multiple Environmental Scenarios:
– IP55 protection, operational temperatures from -20° to 45° C, and winds up to 12 m/s.
– Standard propellers optimized for altitudes from 0-6,000 m and support flight up to 3,000 m with a 30 kg payload.
– Self-heating batteries for optimal performance in low temperatures.

Increased Operational Safety:
– Built-in redundancies and intelligent safety features.
– Pre-takeoff safety assessments based on environmental conditions.
– Dual active phased array radar and binocular vision systems for all-weather multidirectional intelligent obstacle sensing.
– Built-in ADS-B signal receiver for timely warnings of nearby crewed aircraft.
– Integrated parachute for emergencies, ensuring a stable landing and protecting people and property.

Flexible Configurations for Different Transportation Scenarios:
– Foldable design for easy transport in a standard-sized vehicle.
– Cargo mode with a 70-liter case, featuring weight and center-of-gravity sensors.
– Winch mode for delivery to areas without convenient landing sites, equipped with a 20m retractable cable carrying 40 kg.

Full Software Suite for Easy Drone Delivery:
– DJI DeliveryHub for aerial delivery operation planning, status monitoring, centralized team resource management, and data collection and analysis.
– DJI Pilot 2 for manual flight, real-time status updates, cargo status, and risk alerts.
– Integration with external cloud platforms or payloads for industry-specific applications.

DJI Delivery Drone Flycart 30

DJI FlyCart 30’s comprehensive features and capabilities ensure a seamless and secure aerial delivery experience, making it a game-changer in the field of drone technology. The innovative drone is set to reshape the landscape of delivery operations across various industries, offering a reliable and efficient solution for challenging transportation scenarios.

*Note: The mentioned specifications and features are based on the provided press release by DJI. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to DJI’s official documentation.*

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