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DJI MAVIC 3 – The Firmware update is here


Image source: DJI official website

When the DJI Mavic 3 was released it was missing some of the most valuable features. Because the firmware wasn’t fully complete. As we have announced, the update was scheduled for the beginning of 2022. Earlier than expected, the DJI company decides to release it in advance. We now finally have the updates they promised and this happens a month earlier than that was expected.

MAVIC 3 – The Firmware Update

The previous announcement for the upcoming firmware update was scheduled for January 2022. Then it was expected to have the new updates. But the company do it recently. So now is the Mavic 3 the drone that all expected to be? Let’s have a quick look at the newly added features. 

This is a brief overview of all of the improvements to the DJI Mavic 3 with the most recent firmware update. Of course the most important is Active Track option

Release Notes for Firmware – 12/09/2021

* Added FocusTrack

 * Added Hyperlapse 

* Added Mastershots 

* Added RAW Only photo format. 

* Reduced Noise in Cine Version Video 

* Reduced prop arm vibrations 

* Improved Advanced RTH performance. 

* Improved obstacle avoidance performance. 

* Improved hover stability. 

* Resolved USB connection to PC issue 

* Enhanced Remote Controller Connectivity 

RC N1: 

RC Pro:

Most attractive features in Mavic 3

The Focus Track is one of the most anticipated features of the Mavic 3 because of the improvement of Obstacle Avoidance that is claimed to have. Now you are able to make Hyperlapse with the Mavic 3. Now, this is very easy. Added RAW format gives a great opportunity. It allows you to save your images in RAW format so you have ultimate flexibility when you make your editing. The Return To Home (RTH) option is also improved. The problem reported about the connection of the Mavic 3 directly to PC now is solved. 

Well, all these new updates and fixes are welcome and all drone pilots can have safe and nice drones flights. The DJI was rushed and released the Update earlier than it was scheduled.

Exploring all these options of the new Mavic 3 is a great pleasure for sure. This model was promised to be the new leader of the drone market since it was announced. With this recent update and covering all missing or broken features, now this drone must be a perfect machine. In the next few weeks and months, we’ll see the reaction and feedback from the drone community worldwide.   

If you are a beginner drone pilot

If you are new and want to get acquainted with the Active Tracking features and the Return To Home feature, you can browse our tips section and read. We have described in detail the main important things about these features and their use. Each drone pilot must be informed and use the options as accurately as possible. In this way, it ensures safe flight with a drone, as well as protection of the equipment.

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