DJI Mavic 3 Tips- 28 Must-know Tips And Settings – Part I

DJI Mavic 3 Tips – 28 must-know tips and settings – part I


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DJI Mavic 3 Tips – these 28 tips are extremely thorough, we go through all the menus and we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Flight menu which is the main screen. We’ll show you the Safety menu, the Control menu, the Camera menu, the Transmission menu, the About menu as well. 

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Mavic 3 – 13 tips and settings in the Flight menu

The first 13 tips and settings are all located on the Flight menu. Now the Flight menu is that main section that you load up to once you press “Go fly” and it shows you the camera feed from your drone. This is the Flight menu. This is where you can find the map. This is where you can control all the camera settings and obviously, take photos and record from this menu as well. This is the key main menu that you’ll come across straight away. It might not look like a menu because it’s designed to just focus purely on the camera but there are 13 tips and settings we’ve got just for this section alone. 

 Mavic 3 Flight Menu – 13 Tips

 – Mavic 3 Tip #1 is the “Pre-flight check” and this could be located at the top.

At the moment it says GPS signal week so we can tap on that and it will tell us the error fully, it will explain exactly what the issue is. So this is a good spot to come to if you’ve got any errors or anything that you’re trying to figure out. Tap on that menu and it’ll bring up this display here. But you can also adjust the “Return To Home” altitude here. We recommend sitting at about 80 to 100 meters. You want to make sure that the drone’s flying up high enough as it’s returning home.

  – Mavic 3 Tip #2 is related to the Battery details which you can find in the top right corner.

So it does give you a percentage up there and on the right side of that. It will tell you some key information about when you need to bring your drone back. So if you tap on that it will tell you how long until it’s going to automatically return to home. It will tell you how long until a forced landing and then how long until the battery is completely depleted. So really key important information that you need to know at a glance. You’ll see that when the drone is just sitting on the ground everything is on zero. So it can’t give you a reading if the drone’s just sitting there. Even though we’ll be at like 80 – 86 or so uh it still won’t give me much information. You need to take off and fly your drone for a brief time and then that information will pop up for you. And then at a glance, you can have some key information to check out.


 – Mavic 3 Tip #3 is a basic one but it’s just the “RC Strength“.

So next to the battery details you just tap on it and it will tell you the strength of the RC signal the remote control. It will tell you if you’ve got a clear connection between the remote control and the drone itself. This isn’t relevant when you’re sitting next to the drone obviously and that’s why we’ll have full bars. Everything’s fine but as you start to fly your drone away you might be noticing some latency or the video feed dropping out. Just check that RC signal and that RC strength to see if there’s any information there that can tell you that you need to probably turn around at that point.  

 – Mavic 3 Tip #4 is next to the RC strength and it’s related to the Sensors check.

If you tap on that little icon next to the RC signal it will tell you about the sensors. When we are sitting on the ground you can see that all of them are unavailable. They’re all turned off because we are just physically sitting on the ground doing nothing. The drone is just sitting there, you know mining its own business. But straight when you take off the drone will enable all of those sensors and then you can tap on that little icon there and it will tell you that everything’s fine. This is important to know later on if you’re flying away from yourself and you’re noticing a red icon there or you’re noticing that a sensor might not be working properly. Check there and it will tell you whether the sensors are operating properly. 


 – Mavic 3 Tip #5 is related to the Satellites and that’s next to the sensor check.

 It will tell you how many satellites you’re connected to. And it will tell you some other key information. So it’s telling us with 10 satellites it’s able to update the home point. And it’s telling us that it’s a moderately strong GPS signal. So on this particular day, it was extremely overcast – not the best signal, not the best time to fly, so we didn’t properly fly. We just took off and then landed just for this particular article. 

 – Mavic 3 Tip #6 now and these are some of the options that you have in the bottom left corner for the MAP / COMPASS design that you can choose.

So if you tap on that map icon it will bring up a slightly larger map which is very handy. You can then tap on the map again to get the full map and then the camera feed will go into the bottom left corner which is nice. You can also tap on the icon in the bottom right corner of the tiny map and that will bring up a compass display. It gives some key information just so you know there are a few options there if you want to adjust either having the map or a compass design in the bottom left corner.  


 – Mavic 3 Tip #7 How you can find your drone if you ever lose it.

The Mavic 3 makes a ridiculously loud noise when you tap on that “Find my drone” button. It’s promising if you’ve lost it in a bush, some shrubbery, something relatively close and you know where it is. You will probably be able to hear this drone. If you tap on it but you just go to the map icon at the bottom left, make the map full screen by tapping on it again, and then you just tap on “Find my drone“. And you have the option to start beeping and flashing. This is where you will truly be able to figure out that okay while the drone is in this area. 

Mavic 3 Tip #8 is for Airsense.

By default, it was enabled on our drone but there is a later tip that we’ll show you how to enable that if it’s not enabled on your drone. A plane came overhead and it truly gave us a perfect example of what would happen in a real-world scenario. It alerted us that a plane was manned aircraft nearby. It flashed orange and then as the plane flew by and got to a safer point it then turned blue to let us know that we are safe to go again. If you tap on the plane icon you’ll be able to see a few settings here. You can choose to enable Low, Medium, High collision risk and you can either choose if you want all of them. 


 – Mavic 3 Tip #9 is related to the brand new “Explore mode” which is utilizing that telephoto lens.

This means that you can truly zoom into whatever you want, and it’s got a powerful zoom in this camera system. You have a few options here. Once you’ve enabled the Explore mode by tapping on the binoculars, you can then tap on the different zooming options and it will just jump to different zooming points. The cool thing is that you can press and hold on it and then you’ve got kind of like a toggle wheel that you can drag down and upon and you can get smooth zooms. You can also manually adjust where you want it to go.

 – Mavic 3 Tip #10 is related to the “Manual focus” and “Autofocus” controls. 

They are available just below the binocular icon. You can either tap on it to go from manual focus to autofocus. You can press and hold to bring up that kind of toggle wheel and then as you drag down and up it will change the focal point. That means that you can focus on the foreground or the background and you’ve got full control over the manual focus settings. 

– Mavic 3 Tip #11 is one easy smart thing to add in but what it allows you to do is move the camera with the touchscreen.

This gives you a little bit more control over how the camera moves and it might also be a little bit smoother for people who are used to using a touch screen over, like physical buttons. But what you do is when you press and hold on the screen you’ll feel it vibrate and you’ll see a little icon come up. Then as you drag your finger around the screen the camera will move in that direction. 

– Mavic 3 Tip #12 is about Storage.

In the bottom right corner, you will see the storage option. You can go between the internal and also obviously the micro sd as well. And the thing that’s cool here is as you change the resolution or as you change the mode you’re filming in, it will update in real-time and tell you how long you’ve got to record that particular thing that you’re looking at. If it’s 4k 120 it will tell you how long you can record for if you then go to 1080p it will tell you that you can record for a little bit longer. 

 – Mavic 3 Tip #13 is about “Pro Mode“.

In the bottom right corner, it will say auto if it’s automatically enabled which it was for us. You can tap on that and it will take you to the Pro mode and here is where you can truly unlock your creative potential and play around with all the settings here. You can just leave them on auto if you want to get a sense of what the drone itself is doing automatically. Then you have an idea when you set it up for yourself but you have full control here to play around with all the settings.

Mavic 3 Tips (related to Safety Menu) – Part II  – COMING SOON

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