Drone Delivery Investment: Wingcopter Gets Strategic Investment from Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp’s Expa

drone delivery investment Wingcopter

 Expa, -a global network of startup founders led by Uber co-founder Garret Camp, has announced a strategic investment in Wingcopter.

Drone delivery investment is growing, and award winning German company Wingcopter “not only develops and manufactures autonomous delivery drones, but also operates drone-delivery-as-a-service infrastructure. Whether deploying vital supplies, life-saving medicine, parcels, or spare parts—the sky is Wingcopter’s highway,” says a press release.

Expa backs “category champions” – and in drone delivery, Wingcopter has emerged as an industry leader.  Wingcopter’s patented tilt-rotor technology allows for vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), while also enabling efficient forward flight over long ranges thanks to its fixed-wing design.  The companies partnerships has seen them delivering all over the globe – and Camp says that Wingcopter has the potential to change global supply chain logistics.

“Just how Uber revolutionized the way people get from point A to point B, Wingcopter is providing that same level of innovation to the transport of goods including urgently needed medicine and medical supplies, groceries, or freshly prepared food, and even has the power to automate e-commerce. Accelerated by the tailwinds of the global pandemic, we approach an inflection point in consumer adoption and industry regulation. Wingcopter is ideally positioned to capitalize on this momentum thanks to its cutting-edge delivery drone, software and services,” said Garrett Camp, Founder, Expa. “Given the team’s track record and impressive technology stack, Wingcopter will have a deep impact on supply chain transformation, logistics and on-demand delivery.”

Wingcopter is set to make an impact in the U.S., partnering with America’s largest air medical service provider Air Methods to set up a drone-based medical delivery network for thousands of hospitals all over the United States. In Japan, Wingcopter collaborates with ANA Holdings Inc., parent company of Japan’s biggest airline All Nippon Airways. ANA aims to build a drone delivery network to help improve quality of life in rural areas across the whole country.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Expa and Garrett which bring a brilliant network and years of experience building and globally scaling companies that disrupt entire industries,” said Tom Plümmer, CEO & Co-Founder, Wingcopter. “With their hands-on approach ‘By builders for builders’, Expa is actively supporting our strategy to create national-scale logistical highways in the sky.”

Expa generally invests in early stage companies, while Wingcopter is currently preparing it’s Series B round.  The company’s customer list, partnerships, funding history, and growth plans, however, make them a compelling drone delivery investment target.

Wingcopter has also recently announced a first authorized partner in South America: SYNERJET Corp will act as distributor and support for Wingcopter’s 198.

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