Elsight on Dawn of Drones This Week: AI-Powered Drone Connectivity Solutions

Don’t miss Elsight on Dawn of Drones this week, Wednesday February 23 at 11:00 am EST!  Stream below:

The CARAHSOFT PARTNER SERIES, with Elsight on Dawn of Drones this week!

We continue Dual Use Technologies Month, graciously sponsored by Northop Grumman, with Elsight CEO Yoav Amitai.

This Israel-based company is providing BVLOS (Beyond the Visual Line of Sight) drone connectivity powered by AI. Learn how they are helping the global drone industry achieve absolute connection confidence to operate BVLOS in both the military and civilian sectors!

The Carahsoft Partner Series endows and highlights Carahsoft’s UAS Government Solutions. Carahsoft is the premier reseller that delivers cutting-edge government IT solutions at the best value. The companies featured in this series are proud members of the Carahsoft ecosystem that provide comprehensive end-to-end UAS ecosystem solutions for federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments.

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