FAA Video for New Drone Pilots: Watch This Before Flying Your Holiday Drone!

An FAA video for new drone pilots (watch below!) has valuable information about the basic rules.  If you’re getting – or giving – a drone for the holidays, watch this first.   (Written summary below video link: for more information, be sure to visit the FAA UAS page.)

For the last several years, drones have been among the most popular holiday gifts.  This causes a lot of concern for regulators, who fear that December 26 will see thousands of brand new pilots taking flight.  The FAA has upped it’s communications game, however: they’re working to ensure that drone owners understand that there are rules to follow – and those rules need to be taken seriously.  Among the important points that the FAA video for new drone pilots makes:

  1. Don’t forget to register your drone – and display that registration number on your aircraft.
  2. Take the TRUST test! It’s required, and ensures that you know the basic rules.
  3. Always keep your drone in sight.
  4. Fly below 400 feet in altitude.
  5. Respect other people’s privacy.
  6. Don’t fly near other aircraft.
  7. Stay away from stadiums during events.
  8. Don’t fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  9. Don’t interfere with wildfire or disaster response!
  10. Be aware of FAA airspace restrictions.  There’s an app for that – like the B4UFly app.
  11. Most importantly: remember that a drone is an aircraft, and you are it’s pilot.