Fenix Group on Dawn of Drones this Week: Robotics Engineer Savanna Horan

Don’t miss Fenix Group on Dawn of Drones Wednesday, January 12 at 11:00 AM EST.  Dawn speaks with Savanna Horan, Senior Robotics Engineer, on what’s next for drones and robotics.  Stream below:

Join Dawn and Senior Robotics Engineer Savanna Horan of the Fenix Group Inc, leaders in creative applied intelligence as they discuss the Mobile Robotic LTE Network and the future of commercial & military robotics, drones and networked communications.

Savanna Horan has an MS in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and has worked for a variety of companies from the Department of Navy to iRobot. Savanna also has her A&P and Remote Pilot certifications from the FAA, and is a volunteer with the Women in Technology (DC area) mentor/protege program, and with AUVSI’s Grassroots Advocacy Network.

With her current company, Fenix Group Inc, Savanna has a patent pending for a robotic concept called MRLN (Pronounced like the wizard Merlin).  Savanna is a proponent of continual learning, collaboration and over-communication for humans and robots, and believes the future of robotics is heterogenous multi-domain teaming, to include teaming with humans. “Robots are useful tools that can help humanity to continue moving forward,” says Horan.

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