Flyby Guys and Seattle LLC in a joint venture to expand global drone operations – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

Flyby Guys, Seattle Project Management Services Co. LLC, and Global Communication Group DWC-LLC announce the signing of a strategic long-term agreement for the creation of a joint Company called “Flyby Guys MENA”. The company’s objective is to bring world-class domain expertise in UAV, AI and Robotics to the region, whilst taking advantage of Dubai’s strategic location.

Helsinki-based Flyby Guys OY, Specialists in drone deliveries, Drone Light Show operations, consulting and Industrial UAV Services, are a recognized industry leader and recognized international consultant to several government bodies. Flyby Guys has committed to providing its global experience in large scale operations and technologies as a contribution to the JV’s activities. Seattle LLC will contribute with its customer base and regional experience using its broad network and reputation within the industry. Seattle LLC, in line with its corporate strategy, will be able to further diversify its offer with the addition of the UAV & Robotics technology.

The new Joint Venture Company will be based in Dubai, UAE.

“Seattle LLC continues to identify innovative partners with unique technology solutions that enable us to stay at the forefront of trends across all industry verticals,” said Saeed Al Hamli, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle LLC.

“This agreement enables us to focus on our core business, while leveraging the strength of Seattle LLC in the region, allowing us to reach more customers than ever before. A crucial milestone in our global expansion strategy” said Stephen Sutton, Chief Executive Office of Flyby Guys OY. He continues: “We’ve been extremely successful executing several high-profile Drone Light Shows globally for our multinational partners and government customers here in the region, and it makes sense to build on that success by expanding into the Middle East through Dubai”.

About Flyby Guys, FBG provides thought leadership and on-target delivery execution to the UAV industry internationally.

About Seattle LLC, Seattle is a project management company established in Dubai, UAE with a focus on Business Development and Incubation, Enabling Investments and JVs, as well as Acceleration of the businesses Growth in the region.

About Global Communication Group DWC-LLC, Global Communication Group is a leading software solution & service provider established in UAE since 2010. Their prime focus is Telecommunication, Banking, and government sectors.

Photo credit: Vesa Laitinen