Flytrex Gets FAA Approval for One Mile Drone Deliveries. 1 Mile – 10,000 Homes.

Flytrex gets FAA Approval, Flytrex funding Flytrex gets FAA approval for drone deliveryFlytrex gets FAA approval to expand its delivery radius to one mile – which means the company can now deliver to 10,000 homes.

Flytrex is offering on-demand drone delivery for food and retail in North Carolina.  The company boasts collaboration with more leading restaurants and retail chains than any other drone delivery company: and they’ve already successfully completed thousands of deliveries.  With this approval, the company will be able to fly a 1 mile radius over cars and people: Flytrex operates with Part 135 partner Causey Aviation Unmanned: now, the partnership will offer “food, drinks and other goods to approximately 10,000 eligible households that can opt in to the service,” says a press release.

Flytrex has launched 3 drone delivery stations in North Carolina.  The latest of these delivers food orders from restaurants and chains at the Holly Springs Towne Center to residents’ backyards. “Flytrex has been operating in the ‘First in Flight’ state since September 2020, beginning in Fayetteville, NC, and expanding its service to the town of Raeford, NC. Since February 2021, the volume of Flytrex orders across its North Carolina operations has increased more than tenfold, with thousands of deliveries to date,” says the press release.

“The process for ordering delivery via drone will remain the same at each location. Eligible households will be able to purchase a wide variety of food orders and goods from nearby stores and local restaurants and cafes. Orders are placed using the Flytrex app, which updates customers regarding their order status along the route until the package is lowered safely by wire into their backyards.”

“Drone delivery is reaching new heights faster than anyone could have expected. This approval from the FAA will allow us to cater to the growing demand for fast and efficient on-demand delivery in suburban America,” said Yariv Bash, co-founder and CEO of Flytrex. “We look forward to continuing on this exciting flightpath, bringing five-minute delivery to the millions of backyards across the USA.”

Flytrex has been at the forefront of residential drone delivery since successfully launching the world’s first fully autonomous urban drone delivery system in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2017.  In the U.S., the company participates in the FAA’s BEYOND program to accelerate a framework for flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).