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High altitude trials for GRIFF 135

GRIFF has been travelling all over India, from Bangalore in the south to Kashmir in the north to Sikkim in the east.

The goal was to demonstrate flying in high altitudes. We flew missions at 2700m and 3100 ASL and tested all the way up to 3800m carrying 20kg cargo.

This was done with GRIFF 135 with a total take of weight of 100kg, including cargo. This was GRIFFs first attempt, and we have harvested a lot of data and we feel confident that we will achieve the goal 50kg at 4500m ASL.

Now, it is time to crunch data and to make adjustments to perfection in the next trial.

We saw that the robustness of a GRIFF UAV in these harsh environments was the right tool to bring. All calculations we did before travelling to India, was more or less 100% correct. So, we are looking forward to returning with the certifiable fully upgraded commercial version of the GRIFF platform for high altitudes.

So, if you need to do it, just GRIFF it!