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Thou hast been mandated integration by Congress in 2012. The US Congress passed
a law that states that the FAA would fully integrate drones into the NAS by September of 2015. Has this happened? No! So everything else that is not directly meeting the existing law is, in my estimation, not inclusive.

From the FAA 2018 UAS NAS Integration Roadmap –

This roadmap is intended to meet the requirement in Section 332 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA). It provides an update on the progress to date in achieving UAS integration, the challenges we continue to face, and near-term strategies for addressing these challenges.

The Department’s vision for fully integrating UAS into the National Airspace System
(NAS) entails UAS operating harmoniously, side-by-side with manned aircraft, occupying the same airspace and using many of the same air traffic management (ATM) systems and procedures.

The FAA is entertaining inclusivity, and I applaud that notion. So please, do what
Congress put into law and allow full integration into a public trust resource first; enable us to feed our families and pay the creditors while the FAA revamps the
FAR’s and AIM. Historically speaking, at the pace the FAA works, it will be many years before they can rewrite all of those.

A myriad of excuses has hobbled the commercial drone industry. Mainly the following safety mantra, “As we work to realize this vision, UAS must be introduced to the NAS incrementally to ensure the safety of people and property both in the air and on the ground. “

Yet, we read almost daily about manned aviation falling out of the sky with fatalities and destruction of property in the air and on the ground. Does it appear to you, the
reader, that possibly the manned aviators enjoy some sort of privilege not afforded the unmanned aviators? Is this what those on the DAC are trying to highlight?