Kuker-Ranken Drone Roadshow: Bringing Demos to the Customers

kuker-ranken drone roadshowKuker-Ranken drone roadshow for the AEC, Survey, Civil Engineering, and Public Safety industries will let customers see new drone technology in person, before making a purchasing decision.   As drone trade shows come back online slowly, the roadshow concept offers a way for professionals to see new products  – with minimal travel.

With stops in Las Vegas NV, St. George UT, Salt Lake City UT, Boise ID, Portland OR, Tacoma WA, Spokane WA, and Seattle WA, attendees will have opportunity to observe drones in-flight, fly a drone themselves, see  how data is safely and rapidly collected, and have opportunity to see many software workflows pertaining to Public Safety, AEC, GIS, and Survey workflows with a multitude of deliverable formats to be seen. Attendees will receive a thumb drive with datasets for their own evaluation and software toolsets. The datasets are collected from Autel, DJI, and Microdrones products in both RGB and LiDAR outputs.

Kuker-Ranken drone roadshow“We are very excited to bring the Kuker-Ranken product lineup to our customers out in the field, and to have opportunity to demonstrate how drones save time, money, provide safety buffers, act as force multipliers, and are able to operate in areas not friendly to human foot traffic.” said Douglas Spotted Eagle, Chief Strategy Officer/Robotics at Kuker-Ranken. “We’ll not only have the aircraft, but we’re also bringing the Kuker-Ranken/Sundance Media Group Mobile Aerial Operations Center to these cities, enabling the industry to see how rapidly data may be planned, captured, processed, and delivered regardless of environment.”

Autel Robotics, Microdrones, Emlid GPS, DT Research, Leica, Sundance Media Group, FoxFury, and Pix4D are all part of the Kuker-Ranken Roadshow, and their products will be available for hands-on evaluation, along with Kuker-Ranken, Emlid, Sundance Media Group, and MicroDrones employees available to provide information and answer questions. Attendees will have an opportunity to win an Autel EVO II series aircraft to be drawn for at the close of the roadshow tour.

“With the challenges of the past year, and upcoming changes in infrastructure priority, we wanted to get information out to our customers, while also providing a fun, informational experience away from the jobsite so that our customers can observe and understand new technologies in a new way,” said Bob Lycke, President of Kuker-Ranken, “understanding how our product lineup, training, and the KR 100% Support Promise are available to provide precision, accuracy, speed to deliverable, and opportunities are available to them.”

The Kuker-Ranken drone roadshow is free to attend, and anyone involved in commercial UAS/drone operations may register for this event.  As an added benefit, Sundance Media Group will provide no-cost Part 107 training to any organization purchasing any drone product during the roadshow/tour.  Registration is required for each event. For registration, please follow this link: https://bit.ly/KR2021_Roadshow