Lumenier Light Show Drones: ARORA Now Compatible with Drone Show Software

Lumenier light show dronesLumenier’s New ARORA Light Show Drones Compatible with Drone Show Software

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

SPH Engineering and Lumenier have announced a new partnership offering advanced drone show packages that feature Drone Show Software and Lumenier ARORA light show drones. This new partnership sets the stage for further co-development projects in the future.

Since the start of the year, professional teams from both companies have been collaborating in Florida to carry out a series of tests with Lumenier’s ARORA Light Show Drones, equipped with SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Software technology. The drones performed light shows boasting record-breaking show times and breathtaking light strobing effects.

Manufactured at Lumenier’s Sarasota, Florida facility, the ARORA Light Show Drone offers unrivaled colors, special effects capabilities, and heightened endurance with 25-minute show times. These drones employ the industry’s brightest LEDs, and rely on leading GPS technology to enable tighter formations. With 10 years of experience providing the drone industry’s best motors, frames, antennas, and drones, Lumenier is expanding its offerings with the next revolution in the rapidly growing drone show industry. Lumenier’s ARORA drones ensure that 2023 will see an unprecedented amount of people witness a Drone Light Show for themselves.

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