Maj. Kyle Sanders on Dawn of Drones this Week! STEM Education and Drone Soccer

Don’t miss retired USAF Maj. Kyle Sanders on Dawn of Drones this week, Wednesday January 26, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST! Stream below to hear their discussion on STEM education and the emerging international sport, drone soccer.

This week’s featured Dawn of Drones podcast guest is U.S. Drone Soccer, graciously sponsored by Volatus Aerospace as part of the Volatus Above and Beyond Series. Volatus Aerospace is Canada’s largest, technology-enabled unmanned aerial solution provider. Steeped in aviation experience, Volatus is dedicated to commercializing the full potential of unmanned technologies throughout the Americas and around the world.

This philanthropic series recognizes the companies, agencies or organizations in the UAS/AAM ecosystem whose efforts, like Volatus’, go above and beyond to advance the industry!   Join Dawn and Maj. Kyle Sanders (Ret, USAF) VP of Education and Development for U.S. Drone Soccer during the first installment of the year-long Volatus Above and Beyond Series, as we continue Tech Showcase Month! The two discuss the launch of drone soccer’s national league,  global program in Lagos, Nigeria and e-sport debut in the Rocky Mountain State Games, plus other news and projections for 2022.

Maj. Kyle Sanders is a retired combat pilot and graduate of the Air Force Academy where he later served as instructor pilot and coach of the Intercollegiate Flying Team. With a Masters in Education, he has led large-scale outreach programs for government, university, and nonprofit organizations. As nonprofit executive and a senior officer in the Air Force, he coordinated the Arkansas STEM Fest for 25,000 students attending in a single day with more than 100 participating exhibits, organizations, and state/federal agencies.

Read more about drone soccer here – and if you missed the last episode of the Dawn of Drones podcast, check out last week’s interview with Qii.AI CEO Michael Cohen.

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