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Mavic 3 – Exciting New Features


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We finally have the long-awaited January update for the Mavic 3 and this brings all of those features that were promised on the launch date but were never available in the Mavic 3. They were just saying “Features coming soon”. Now we’ve got all of the features that they promised us on the release date finally available for Mavic 3 users.

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Mavic 3 – exciting new features

The full list of Mavic 3 features that are available now for Mavic 3 users: 

  – Quickshots

  – Panorama

  – Burst Shooting

  – Advanced Return To Home (RTH)

  – Color Display Assist

  – Digital Zoom

  – MasterShots

  – Explore Mode

It was quite an extensive firmware update. There are a bunch of new features that they added here and it finally feels like the Mavic 3 as it was intended to be. It’s got all those features that we were waiting for all packaged into the drone and it seems to be working really well. Overall all the features work perfectly fine. We might see some more updates in the future, we might see some more features potentially but this is pretty much how the Mavic 3 was intended to be released.


Mavic 3 – exciting new features – Photo

Quickshots mode

One of the big features that a lot of people are waiting on is the Quickshots mode which is normally available straight away for all DJI

drones. But again the Mavic 3 didn’t get this immediately. It took a little longer than expected to see Quickshots land on the Mavic 3 but we finally have it. We have all of the usual culprits that you’d expect in the Quickshot modes. You don’t have any new exciting quick shots here – you’ve just got the classics. So you’ve got Droney, Rocket, Circle, Helix, Boomerang, and Asteroid. Now they’re all great, they all worked well. You have two options when it comes to Recording. You can only choose these two options. So it’s either 4k 30fps or 1080p 30fps. 

Panorama mode

We finally have options to use Panorama mode with high-resolution photos. There are four options here. You can either capture a Sphere, 180-degree shot, a Wide angle shot, or a Vertical shot. The Sphere mode actually makes a great job of creating a sphere that you can interact with through the DJI Fly application. This works well and is always impressive to see as a full 360-degree globe experience. It’s very unique that you can’t replicate with any other product on the market. The fact that your drone just automatically captures all of those photos and then stitches it together for you within the software is something cool to see. 

The 180-degree works well, it looks like a wide-angle shot but it’s just not stretched. It looks very natural. If you want to take a Vertical photo with your drone which could be relevant if you’ve got a tall building or something that you just can’t capture in the shot – that’s another unique offering as well. 


Mavic 3 – exciting new features – Photo

Burst Shooting

The next feature they added is Burst shooting. Now, this is a basic offering but it might be useful for some people out there. You go into the Photo options and then you’ve got Burst and then you’ve got three options you can either take. Three photos, five photos, or seven photos. one of the biggest gripes with this feature is that you can’t choose the time between each photo. It is a burst photo – you don’t have much time to think about it.  

Advanced RTH

Another new feature that was announced on the release date that a lot of people were interested in is this new Advanced RTH (Return To Home). Previously we just had the normal Return To Home where it would just go straight home basically. Or go in a straight line and you didn’t have too much customization with it. You could choose the Return To Home altitude but outside of that it just kind of did exactly what you put into the parameters. There so we had it at 100 meters, the drone would fly up to 100 meters, and then it would just go in a straight line to wherever we are. Now you can choose the Advanced Return To Home and the whole idea of this is it will fly an optimal return to home route. So that means that it will try to preserve battery life and it will try to get back to you as safely as possible. With the most optimal, and most efficient way of getting back to you. In practice, this seemed to work well. If you care about Return T Home – this is a pretty unique way of going about it. Because it’s going to save a lot of time, you know it’s going to try to find the most effective way to get back to you and the safest way to get back to you. 


Mavic 3 – exciting new features – Photo

Color Display Assist 

The next feature that was added with this recent update is called Color Display Assist and this is only available through the D-log color setting. So in the normal setting, it’s not available, but straight when you go to D-log it will pull down an option to then enable the Color Display Assist. The Color Display Assist is that it displays more natural colors in real-time. When you set D-log it’s a very flat color profile so that means that you kind of know how you want to pull out the colors. You don’t have any option to play with it on the drone, you can’t display it or kind of see how it’s going to look when you edit it. That was up until they released this Color Display Assist. The idea is that it will display natural colors in real-time even though it’s captured in that Raw flat profile. The D-log color profile will kind of pull out some of the colors just to show you what’s possible. If you compare it to the normal and then the Color Assist on D-log you’ll notice that normal is a lot more vibrant. A lot more saturated, and it does make the colors pop. But with D-log it’s a very flat profile. And even when you enable the Color Display Assist it’s quite subtle in the way that it pulls out the colors. But it’s nice to know for people who always use D-log – you’re used to almost just a gray display it’s just such a flat profile, but none of the colors actually pop. So having something more of a visual cue, can give you an idea before you go into your editing program and play with the image. It’s just nice to have that on the fly, just shows you what’s possible, and it gives you an idea. It gives you a sense of what the colors are going to look like when you edit it in post-production. 

Digital Zoom

In the normal video modes so obviously we have the telephoto lens which is called the Explore mode which gives you up to 28 times zoom. But now they’ve added a Digital zoom offering. In the normal video mode, you can only go up to two times zoom. But it’s still useful to have a little bit of a zoom. We would see more than two times zoom but they’ve decided to just make it two times zoom. It’s a useful thing because it’s still going to retain a lot of that quality seeing as it’s not a major zoom factor. It’s only an incremental zoom to the point that the quality isn’t gonna drop. You’re still gonna have a high-quality video but you get a tiny amount of zoom out of it. 


Mavic 3 – exciting new features – Photo


The next notable feature is relating to MasterShots. It’s a very small offering here, it’s nothing major in terms of you know. You can customize the MasterShots experience, they haven’t offered way points here, they haven’t offered anything like major when it comes to master shots. But what they have done is they’ve made it possible to capture 4k 60 fps and 1080p 60 fps. So previously it was just 1080p 30 fps, and 4k 30, but now we’ve got 60 fps offerings. This is nice to see, it’s just a nice additional offering again.  

Explore mode

The final feature that is notable is that they’ve increased the image sharpness of the telephoto camera when shooting at high magnification. That means high magnification would be those final few zooming options.

So the seven times zoom is like the native zoom of that camera and then you’ve got 14 and 28 times. If you’ve got the Mavic 3 and you maybe use Telephoto and you weren’t happy with that explore mode check it out nos definitely a lot sharper at 14 and 28 times. It’s a noticeable improvement and it’s just a nice quality of life improvement that DJI has addressed here. 

DJI also included a few other quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and a few other little tweaks and improvements. So check out the full list of the actual features that were added to this firmware.  

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