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Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has called hobby drone pilots


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has called all hobby drone pilots to help. They need to bring their drones or give them to the troops.

How hobby drone pilots can help with their drones

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published a post related to all hobby drones pilots on its official Facebook page. The appeal is addressed to drone pilots who want to help in the fight against the Russian air invasion in Ukraine. 

In the appeal, there are all requirements that are needed to be done to join with own drone. 

The drone pilot must contact them and provide the following information:

1. The area of the city where it is more convenient; 

2. Experience in piloting; 

3. Type of drone (if any); 

4. The number of batteries; 

5. Whether he served in the army and when; 

6. Contact details

Contacts: Contact 112  ObrТRО in the messenger on the official website

The role of the hobby drones will be to help surveillance and monitor the sky above Ukraine. If you are a not drone pilot but you have a drone, you can provide it too. It can be used in such a critical time, says the announcement.  

The military situation across Ukraine has taken big attention to all countries around the Globe. How events will unfold remains to be seen. 

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