New Official Reseller of High-Performance Velos Rotors V3 Drones, a leader in unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Velos Rotors, becoming the official reseller of the high-performing Velos Rotors V3 drone in Austria.

This collaboration bridges the gap between operator experience and industry excellence. Having extensively tested and relied on the V3 in their operations, stands by its exceptional design, payload capacity, stability, redundancy, and reliability. More than just a product, they offer a peer-to-peer recommendation, operator-to-operator.

The V3 is ready for sophisticated missions right out of the box, tackling challenging terrain and harsh environments with ease. But takes it a step further. Leveraging their deep expertise, they will soon offer customized modifications tailored to specific customer needs, rigorously tested and certified under Part-21 Best Practices.’s partnership with Velos Rotors marks a new chapter in drone innovation. Together, they empower operators with powerful tools and expert guidance, redefining the possibilities of aerial operations in Austria. Stay tuned for upcoming customization options and experience the future of flight with and Velos Rotors.