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Klau Geomatics, makers of the KlauPPK hardware and software accuracy system, are the established choice of professionals in drone and light manned aerial mapping. As surveying and mapping companies emerge from the uncertainties of the past 18 months, Klau Geomatics is offering the MakeItAccurate processing service free for two weeks, enabling a quick boost in operational efficiency and cost savings.

MakeItAccurate is a unique hybrid PPP/PPK processing service that enables high accuracy without any base station data. In USA, Japan, Australia, NZ and much of Europe, 3cm or better XYZ direct georeferencing accuracy is achieved with no base station. This is absolute accuracy, reliable, repeatable, not just precision.

See www.makeitaccurate.com for details

MakeItAccurate is a very popular choice with manned aerial and BVLOS customers as accessing base stations within range is often a struggle.

Even for a typical DJI Phantom 4 operator there are incredible cost savings. Corporate operations with multiple drones on thousands of distributed sites no longer need to consider survey aspects like sourcing CORS data or placing GCPs. The system works best with the P4Pro KlauPPK (NovAtel) hardware but is also compatible with the DJI P4RTK, M210RTK and M300/P1.

How does it work? The service will be activated for all KlauPPK hardware customers globally, at no charge, for the next 2 weeks. Using the latest KlauPPK software, users choose the MakeItAccurate base station option in the processing workflow. You can even process old jobs where you may have had base station issues or just to compare results.

For other hardware, such as DJI RTK, the service can be accessed from the KlauPPK DJI software or in the simplified PayPerUse web interface.

API access is available if you have a software or service product that could use accuracy.

Forget the survey hassles of sourcing or capturing base station data. If you haven’t moved to PPK yet and are still placing GCPs across your site, now is the time to jump straight to a simple and more efficient workflow. For a couple of weeks, let Klau Geomatics help you out. Produce accurate camera coordinates to minimise the need for GCPs. Forget about finding base station data within PPK range.

Accelerate photogrammetry processing with rapid aerial triangulation using direct georeferencing.

It’s on us for the next couple of weeks.

Contact Sharee at Klau Geomatics [email protected] and we’ll get you set up.