Our Favorite Thanksgiving Drone Video Ever

It’s been years since this Thanksgiving drone video came out.  Autel’s drones have gotten far more sophisticated and can perform many more complex commercial jobs – but this video from 2016 is still our absolute favorite holiday treat.  Check it out: cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner – gravy and pie included – with a drone!

This video still makes me – and anyone else who cooks Thanksgiving dinner for their families the hard way – laugh.  In 2016, we reached out to the Thanksgiving drone video creator for his comments.

“It was a lot of fun,” Autel’s [former] creative director, Dave Crosby, told DRONELIFE. “…but we don’t recommend doing this at home. It’s obviously something where someone could hurt themselves. It’s also incredibly messy. We had carrots, parsley, and potato skins in every corner of the house. It took us hours to clean it all up. ”

“The video doesn’t begin to do justice to the mess it made.”

Thanks for sacrificing your kitchen, guys.  We’re still enjoying the results! To all our DRONELIFE friends celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, we hope you find much to be grateful for.  Here at DRONELIFE we are always thankful for you, and the drone community everywhere.

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