Promo Drone on Dawn of Drones this Week! Revolutionizing the Ad Banner Industry

Don’t miss Promo Drone on Dawn of Drones this week: Wednesday, March 23 at 11:00 AM EST.  Stream below!

This week, Dawn chats with special guest Jamar Williams, CEO of Promo Drone, a San Diego-based company that has modernized the concept of advertising banners by using drones for flying marketing campaigns.

Learn not only about this incredible company, its products/services and impacts, but also join us on the journey walking a mile in Jamar’s shoes as an African-American Part 107 pilot and entrepreneur in the drone industry. Understand the challenges he faced and what we can all do to reduce barriers to entry for this incredible industry!

Read more about Promo Drone: Drone Banner Ads Take Marketing to a Higher Level

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