r/drones – [EU regulations] Mavic Air 2 – clarification on EU regulations

So, I’m from Belgium => falling under the new EU regulations regarding drones.

I bought last month a DJI Mavic Air 2, and now I’m looking to make the paperwork (yep, I flied without any knowledge about the regulations). I used SPF mobilité for my research but I would need some help on some topics :

What I know :

– Mavic Air 2 can falls under the OPEN category

– It -should- be a C1 drone (A1 rules)

– It is not Cx certified => it falls under A3 rules (yep, heavier than 250g)

– A1 rules are pretty permissives while A3 are really less permissive

What I don’t know :

– Am I really stuck to the A3 rules because the drone is missing the C1 sticker? The site explains clearly that “older” drones will never be Cx certified.

– Do I need to buy a “new” Mavic whenever they are Cx certified just to jump from A3 to A1?

– Do we know on manufacturer side if/when they plan to provide Cx certifications for their drones?

– Can the Mavic Air 2 fly under the “SPECIFIC” regulations if I want to AND I make all the paperwork/examinations even without a Cx certification?