Radiometric Thermal Zoom is Game-Changing New Technology. November 2, Find Out Why

radiometric thermal zoomTeledyne FLIR’s radiometric thermal zoom sensor is game-changing technology for public safety, industrial inspection, and more.  Learn why this next level functionality combination is important for your business at the Teledyne FLIR webinar, November 2 at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST.

Radiometric Thermal Zoom: the Ultimate Combination of Functions

In this immersive webinar from Teledyne FLIR, product manager Kelly Brodbeck will explain how the combination of optical thermal zoom and radiometry enable more efficient search and surveillance, safer inspection, and better reporting for drone pilots. Learn more about:

  1. Superior Thermal Zoom–
    All thermal zoom capabilities are not created equal and it’s clear when you see 4x more pixels on target.
  2. Accurate Temperature Data –
    Make critical decisions faster by instantly acquiring accurate temperature data.
  3. Cost Saving Technology –
    Quick, accurate views reduce time, effort, and operating expenses for a variety of industrial inspection and public safety missions.
  4. Stand Off Distance and Safety –
    With superior thermal zoom payloads, you get a closer view while maintaining a safe standoff distance and reducing risk in hazardous situations.
  5. Effective Reporting –
    With plug-and-play technology and custom reporting software, UAS pilots can easily collect and analyze data for successful progress reports utilizing thermal zoom.You’ll have the opportunity to get answers to your questions in a live Q&A session.

Read more about Teledyne FLIR’s new VUE TZ20-R : and don’t miss this upcoming event.

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