Remote ID Drone Tracker: LEMAN RemoteID from INVOLI [VIDEO]

INVOLI Launches Remote ID Drone Tracker

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Air traffic solution provider INVOLI has released the LEMAN RemoteID, an innovative drone tracker created to meet the newest CE/FCC regulations.  See the Remote ID Drone Tracker at work:

Made to be simple to use for all drone operators, the LEMAN RemoteID operates independent of the drone’s battery and begins transmitting its position after being powered on over both Wi-fi and 4G networks. The compact, lightweight tracker is rain resistant, and boasts an autonomy of 4 hours and 30 min with a refresh rate every second.

In an effort to make it more simple to carry out drone operations in compliance with always-changing regulations, the INVOLI team keeps track of and adapts its products to the evolving legislation. The LEMAN RemoteID was designed to follow the ASTM Remote ID Standard F3411-19, complying with the FAA Rule on Remote Identification for UAs and with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947.

“It is a great challenge to transform regulatory requirements into a technical product, but we want this burden to be on our company instead of being on drone operators: I strongly believe that drone operators should focus on their operation and their core business, and the regulatory part should be handled as easy and elegantly as fastening your seatbelt in your car,” said INVOLI CEO Manu Lubrano. “Installing the Leman RemoteID drone tracker makes your drone compliant to new regulations with one push of a button”.

“Many drone operators have multiple drones from different drone manufacturers,” said Tristan David, Business Development Manager at INVOLI. “With our Drone Tracker it is possible to follow all of them at the same time over the platform, simplifying enormously the operational side of managing a fleet of drones”.

The LEMAN RemoteID offers utility for a wide range of use cases and customers, including government, ANSPs, UTM and Telecommunication companies. The drone tracker offers geolocalized connectivity information (Cell ID, RSRP, SINR and Band), enabling a Telco to generate a chart of the connectivity quality in the sky with every use of the tracker.

Read more about Remote ID:

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