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RTH function (return to home) – important notes


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Drones have become more advanced than ever. These machines almost work as they have their own brain. This is because of their many advanced features. Every good drone is equipped with intelligent, useful options, and the RTH function is one of them. Today we are going to give you some important notes on the return to home function.

What is the RTH function?

RTH function means a return to home. When you enable that, your drone will go back safely to the home point alone. Most of the drones have intelligent obstacle avoidance systems, which means that they can safely go back to the landing location even in bad situation such as low battery, or no signal.

The RTH function is one of the most important options that you should look for while buying a drone. Why? Because you can not always see your drone, your battery may go low, or bad weather conditions may appear. It is always a good idea to have a drone that knows its way back home.

How does the RTH function work?

When the drone receives 4, or more GPS signals, it will point its takeoff location as a Home Point. The machine will be analyzing the real-time GPS coordinates all the time, so it can use its GPS to assist its return back home. 

The RTH function can be affected by tall buildings, magnetic fields, and metal structures. That’s why it is always better to fly your drone in an open, clear area, even though drones nowadays are equipped with innovative technology.

A piece of advice that we will give you- always set a higher altitude to your drone, because when it enters RTH mode you can not control it. This means that it will be easier for the drone to avoid obstacles while flying at a higher altitude.

RTH Modes

There are 3 main return-to-home modes you can use while operating with the RTH function. 

  1. Smart RTH- the first mode will allow the pilot to command the machine to go to the home point by choosing the RTH button.  Easy and fast way to get your drone back to you. If the landing area is not safe enough, your drone will hover in place until you give it a command.
  2. Low battery RTH- the low battery mode will appear when the battery level is specifically low. The drone will calculate the fastest and safest way to go back to its home location.
  3. Failsafe RTH- the failsafe mode will bring your machine back to the chosen Home Point if your drone loses connection. The drone will restore the signal on its own when there is a chance to do it.

The RTH function can be really useful in many situations because it can ensure that your drone will go back home safely. We wish you great drone adventures and good luck!

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