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Sky-Drones announces its product range, including cutting-edge autopilot SmartAP AIRLink, is now available on UAVs manufactured by Terranova Aerospace Solutions. The partnership brings about a range of capabilities from Sky-Drones’ technology advancements for the benefit of Terranova Aerospace’s customers and clients among others.

“This partnership will benefit a multitude of drone users across the globe for the defence
and security sectors” explains Kirill Shilov, CEO and Founder of Sky-Drones. Terranova
Aerospace are one of the leading innovators and technology sources supporting the warfighter and unmanned vehicle demands in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Renowned for their expertise in Сyber Security, Terranova Aerospace provides its users with
products from the likes of DroneShield, and this champion in the defence field knows no
bounds with the integrated technologies from Sky-Drones.

“We are excited to be displaying and utilising these ground-breaking technologies from the
Sky-Drones team. Our clients will hugely benefit from the advancements the UK company
has made in recent years to aid projects for public safety, fire and rescue, maritime, aerial
and combat” states James Castle, CEO of Terranova Aerospace.

The capabilities that Terranova will harvest from the use of Sky-Drones’ AIRLink hardware
among its cooperative software for fleet control, mission planning and post-flight analytics
will allow their unmanned vehicles to accomplish missions and reach targets that have
previously been unreachable. Such capabilities Terranova can expect from this integration
include a unified controller for UGV, UAV and UUVs, drone meshing abilities through
network connectivity, and the benefits that come from being part of the Sky-Drones
Ecosystem with compatible products and service providers.

Partnering with Terranova Aerospace, part of the Terranova Defence Group, presents Sky-
Drones with connections to for-profit and not-for-profit organisations within the NATO hub,
government agencies, and contacts that await technologies this UK organisation have long
been able to provide. Both CEOs of these influential organisations have come together to
declare the partnership to be “advantageous for both companies and its clients and users
alike, by providing the most advanced technologies available within the market to date to
better not only the defence and security sectors but delivery, agriculture and inspections

About Sky-Drones

Sky-Drones Technologies is well-known for their advancements in full-stack avionics for
UAVs and drone enterprise. SmartAP AIRLink by Sky-Drones is a complete AI drone flight
controller with an Artificial Intelligence mission computer, LTE connectivity unit, and cutting-edge drone autopilot meeting the needs of clients such as Volansi, F-Drones and Clogworks to name a few.

About Terranova Aerospace

Terranova Aerospace Solutions is an authorised reseller and distributor for unmanned
autonomous vehicles. Specialising in sales, leasing, servicing and manufacturing of drones,
Terranova Aerospace covers the land, sea and now space sectors for the United States,
Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.