SkyCam and Optelos Partner to Provide Complete Visual Data Solution

SkyCam and OptelosOptelos delivers robust data management and analytics: SkyCam Aviation offers unique multi-spectral data collection services.  Together, SkyCam and Optelos offer clients the actionable insights they need.

Unique Data Collection: Unique Data Management

“SkyCam Aviation provides visual data collection services using fixed wing aircraft and employs multi sensor technology to provide robust imagery to support a wide range of customer applications.  The Optelos platform will be used to securely manage collected imagery, visualize and analyze inspection data, generate custom reports, and deliver actionable insights to SkyCam’s customers,” says an Optelos press release.

SkyCam is a professional aerial image capture company utilizing fixed wing aircraft.  That enables them to capture a vast amount of visual or other sensor data, using a wide assortment of sensors depending upon the situation. Their aircraft platform enables them to utilize larger and heavier sensors, and to fly over much longer distances than a small quadcopter drone.

For infrastructure inspection, SkyCam’s data gathering provide extreme detail, allowing AI analysis down to 1/4″.  Their platform allows capturing vast amounts of data, which can then be streamed onto the Optelos platform for management and analysis, or combined with any AI engine for an integrated end-to-end AI workflow within the platform.

Using the Optelos platform, SkyCam Aviation customers will be able to easily view data from SkyCam’s 6-sensor platform which includes 4k (50mm-1200mm lenses), FLIR, SWIR, and hyperspectral sensors, as well as SkyCam’s spectral detection of both methane and diesel.  When SkyCam’s oblique images are combined with Optelos data visualization and detailed 2D and 3D models, the customer can view the asset as if standing there.

“We’re excited to be working with Optelos to further enhance the secure data delivery and analysis capability for our customers. We’ve evaluated many solutions and determined Optelos to be best in class for our needs and to meet the ever-expanding needs of our customers,” said Chris Dombrowksi, CTO SkyCam Aviation.

“Partnering with SkyCam Aviation is a natural fit for both of us.  They provide some of the most advanced and capable data collection capabilities in the industry, and the Optelos platform is perfectly suited to help their customers manage vast amounts of visual and other sensor data, including implementing computer vision AI for inspecting geographically distributed assets such as railroads, high voltage transmission lines and wind turbines.”

“The Optelos platform plays a critical role in the overall solution for the customer, not only managing all collected inspection data, but also providing robust visualization of all data sources, high resolution images and videos, detail Orthomosaic 2D maps, and accurate 3D models (Digital Twins),” says the press release.  “The platform provides highly secure access and data delivery capability allowing all visual data to be organized and managed on a customer-by-customer basis.  The integrated analysis capability provides both direct measurement capability as well as supports AI-powered inspections.”