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Skydio 2+ is released!


Image source: Skydio official website

Before a couple of days, the brand new drone – Skydio 2+ was officially released. This new drone has a lot of improvements. Additional to the drone, there is also a new fly mode, called KeyFrame

Some of the components are the same – the controller, cameras, computing system. But the new things are related to battery time life and the longer range.   

What are the new improvements in Skydio 2+

Skydio 2+ comes with brand new pop-up antennas. They provide a more reliable and longer connection. The antennas are with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi radio signal. This is a big plus, for sure. The old model was able to receive signals at 1 mile/1.5 kilometers. The new one can receive them at 1.9 miles/3 kilometers. 

Battery life- Extended

The new drone has also extended battery life. It is increased by 20% of capacity compared to the Skydio 2. The flight time is now 27 minutes. The old parameter was 24 minutes. The other big advantage is that the batteries of Skydio 2+ and completely compatible with these of Skydio 2. 

The price of the brand new Skydio2+

At the start, this drone is selling for around $1,099. 

The new fly mode, called KeyFrame. 

This mode – KeyFrame, allows the drone pilots to identify the key points of the flight. The drone will autonomously follow them and will keep the route. And will fly at a pre-selected speed. This mode is free and it is available for both models: Skydio 2 and Skydio 2+. 

The last 2021 year was a year of many new drone models. The drone companies were created and released several brand new drones. The most impressive was the DJI Mavic 3. It has come at the end of the year and the drone pilots were very excited. For this 2022 year, we can expect also releasing of some new drones. In the drone market, the news is non-stop coming, but we are following them strictly. You can subscribe to our Newsletter and that is how you won’t miss any interesting news. 

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