Skydio 2+ with KeyFrame: New Capabilities and New Improvements

Skydio 2+ and KeyframeIn the big product announcement of 2022, U.S. drone manufacturer Skydio has announced the Skydio 2+ with KeyFrame™ capabilities, offering new features and enhancements for Skydio’s autonomous drone platform.

Skydio KeyFrame lets drone photographers and content creators level up.  Keyframe “is an AI skill that allows a user to design and capture smooth, complex camera moves with just a few taps,” says the Skydio announcement.

Manual drones are hard to fly, easy to crash, and unusable in environments with high GPS or compass interference—making it nearly impossible for even an expert pilot to create dynamic, smooth, and creative shots in complex environments. With the introduction of KeyFrame, anyone can design impossible camera motion that is smooth, precise, and repeatable. The pilot chooses their KeyFrames with just a few taps, and Skydio Autonomy creates a continuous smooth camera path between them. Once the KeyFrames are set, the user can play it back, forward or backwards, as many times as they want at whatever speed they choose.

“One of the main things that sets professional productions apart is the motion of the camera. With the help of cranes, jibs, and large production crews, Hollywood productions do really unique, interesting things. In the hands of an expert pilot, drone footage can be very cinematic.” said Skydio CEO, Adam Bry. “KeyFrame makes this capability accessible to a new wave of creators. Hollywood quality cinematography, available anywhere, anytime.”

In addition to KeyFrame, the Skydio 2+ provides the autonomy of the Skydio 2, with significant hardware and software improvements.  “With extended range, a more robust wireless connection, and longer battery life, Skydio 2+ allows solo creators, outdoor adventurers, athletes, prosumers and hobbyists —at any skill level—to get the most out of Skydio groundbreaking autonomy,” says the announcement.

Skydio 2+ obstacle avoidance adds two omnidirectional external antennas, extending range from 3.5 km to 6 km.  The Skydio 2+ battery has been improved to provide 20% more flight time.

Skydio 2+ with KeyFrame starts at $1099: customers can now protect their investment with Skydio Care, an optional protection plan that supplements the Skydio 2+ Limited Warranty with “comprehensive coverage and rapid replacement for accidental damages from collisions, water damage, and unrecoverable landings, enabling a Skydio 2+ to be fully replaced for as little as $150 with no questions asked.”

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