Skydio Care – 1 Year – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

Fly Fearless with Skydio Care. Skydio Care enhances the Skydio Limited Warranty with an extra layer of protection that against damage resulting from collisions or water, lowering the replacement fees to as little as $150.

The Skydio Care One Year package includes up to 2 low cost replacements, including up to one lost drone replacement. See below for further details.

Skydio Care is only available for purchase when ordering with a Skydio 2+ Kit. Add a Skydio 2+ Kit to your cart and select the One Year or Two Year plan in the pop-up. 

If you have already ordered your Skydio 2+ and are within 30 days or your original order, please submit a request to Skydio Support to add Skydio Care coverage.

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