SkyeBrowse introduces new automated paperwork tool for accident reconstruction – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

SkyeBrowse, the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform, launches a state-of-the-art factual diagram tool, which automates paperwork for accident reconstruction, reducing the time spent by over 99%.

“I’m proud to announce the next stage of SkyeBrowse: automated paperwork for accident reconstruction. Over the past two years, we have mapped out over 4,000 accident scenes, which reduced accident reconstruction, and in turn, traffic by over 20,000 hours,” said SkyeBrowse co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang. “However, the pain point of tedious paperwork still exists. Just as we reduce the time spent in the field mapping an accident, our factual diagram tool significantly reduces the time spent on paperwork back in the office.”

This is proprietary technology created by SkyeBrowse to solve the inefficiency of paperwork. The tool makes it possible to generate a factual diagram and measurement report within five minutes. Using the 3D model captured by SkyeBrowse’s drone technology on-site, officers only need to set the reference point and annotations, and the program will automatically take those measurements and generate a full diagram and report. This will save significant time end-to-end from the accident to filing the paperwork. As a result, agencies will see a decrease in response times.

The new tool will be added to SkyeBrowse’s software at no additional charge, thanks to a generous grant from California Office of Traffic Safety. Agencies in California will be able to get SkyeBrowse reconstruction software for free by requesting it from their grant administrators by 1/31/22.

About SkyeBrowse:

SkyeBrowse is the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform in the world. Designed by first responders for first responders, SkyeBrowse allows anyone to make a 3D model at the press of a button. With over 4,000 accidents documented on their CJIS-compliant servers, the New Jersey-based company is trusted by agencies such as Los Angeles Port Police, Dallas Police Department, the New York Fire Department and many more. Learn more at