Switzerland – More than 46,000 drone pilots gained certificate in 2023

Some 46,300 remote pilots in Switzerland acquired a certificate of competence for drones last year.

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) announced on Thursday that the implementation of the European drone regulation in Switzerland has thus been optimal.

Switzerland has been applying the drone regulations of the European Union for a year now. Most remote pilots who wish to fly a drone must register and complete mandatory training.

The authorisation procedures for certain types of operation have also been changed. According to FOCA, almost 70,000 people or companies have now registered on the corresponding platform.

It is still too early to measure the impact on air traffic safety. However, the aim is to continuously improve the safety level of Swiss airspace. FOCA therefore recommends that operators who do not require a certificate should at least complete the free online training course. This would allow them to familiarise themselves with the rules that apply to the use of drones.

This year, FOCA wants to sensitise remote pilots to the importance of reporting safety-relevant incidents in air traffic. Like all other civil aviation stakeholders, they are obliged to do so.