Spright Chooses Elsight’s Halo to Ensure Connectivity for Critical Missions

Spright Elsight HaloSpright chooses Elsight’s Halo to ensure connectivity on manned and unmanned platforms.

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Spright, an Air Methods subsidiary, is performing critical missions in North America, providing emergency medical services to more than 100,000 patients across 48 states.  Spright is their drone division – created to help solve many of the time sensitive challenges that the medical logistics industry faces.

Reliable drone operations requires reliable connectivity: and Spright has chosen Elsight’s ‘Halo’ bonded connectivity solution as the C2 (Command and Control) trustworthy link provider for Spright’s different manned and unmanned vehicle platforms.

As part of the contractual agreement, Spright will become an official ‘Halo’ reseller in the United States, and will configure and support Halo at all locations.

Spright hopes to be the largest drone operator in medical delivery, with a nation-wide network in the United States supporting hospitals and laboratories. This is the goal driving the partenrship with Elsight, a technology that will enable connectivity across the country.

“The ‘Halo’ solution will be used on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) executing operations to deliver medical medicines and supplies, lab testing specimen transportation, as well as infrastructure and utility inspections across the United States,” says a company press release.

A $90,000 order has already been received – the 5 year agreement will facilitate more orders during the life of the agreement. It’s a win for Elsight, as they pursue their “design win” strategy – partnering with unmanned platforms as they develop new aircraft and grow their businesses.

“The decision to choose Elsight as our C2 link provider was an easy one, as the capabilities provided by ‘Halo’ are exactly what we were looking for from a safety and regulatory standpoint for mission continuity and scalability,” said Spright President Joe Resnick. “Halo’s versatility as a connectivity solution is a natural fit for our needs, and we will begin deploying Halos in the United States and beyond. We will also be installing Halo kits on our ground vehicle fleet.”

“This agreement with Spright is validation of the ‘Halo’ as the best drone connectivity solution available,” said Elsight CEO Yoav Amitai. “We are excited to work alongside Spright as the ‘Halo’ is deployed to the companies supported by Spright. The industry-agnostic ‘Halo’ supports all Spright’s use cases across different verticals, and we look forward to forging a positive, long-term relationship with Spright. This first order is just the first step of a partnership that will continue to thrive and grow. We look forward to additional ‘Halo’ orders as Spright continues expanding their operations in all areas.”

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