EVO Nano and EVO Lite Firmware Update: New Features, Better Performance
EVO Nano and EVO Lite Firmware Update: New Features, Better Performance

Autel Enhances EVO Nano and EVO Lite Series Drones with Firmware Update

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Autel Robotics has released free firmware updates available to download for its EVO Nano and EVO Lite series of drones. These updates will provide users with access to new features, while also significantly improving upon ease-of-use and performance as well as addressing issues raised by user feedback. Some of the new features on display include multiple video frame rate options up to 50 fps, manual focus control for most models, and increased photo resolution options in some models. These new software upgrades are available for use with Autel’s EVO Nano, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite, and EVO Lite+ drones.

EVO NANO and EVO Lite firmware updateThe new update grants users access to a greater range of video frame rate options, including 24, 25, 48 and 50 fps. These frame rate settings provide users with more control over video quality while also enabling enhanced shooting techniques. The new manual focus control available on the Lite, Lite+ and Nano+ gives users the ability to generate more precise shots. The new customizable photo stamps, currently available in the English-language version of Autel’s app, are ideal for professional applications that require information such as time of day to be recorded directly in the frame.
EVO NANO and EVO Lite firmwareAdditionally, several existing features have been altered for ease-of-use. For example, tapping and holding the zoom button (displayed after take off) now enables optimized continuous zoom mode. All models will benefit from improved album ordering and SD Card handling. The EVO Nano series will receive a number of fixes and improvements specific to the model, including a fix to issues with video ‘jello’-effect and horizon leveling, the addition of Speed Priority (max 15m/s or 33mph) and Video Priority (max 13m/s or 29mph) options to Ludicrous Mode, and an improvement to wind resistance performance when hovering. Lastly, the EVO Nano+ and EVO Nano have received new high photo resolutions of 8192×6144 and 8000×6000 respectively.

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