Pix4D, Axians France Partner for Digital Twins of Telecom Infrastructure

Pix4D AxiansAxians France Partners with Pix4D for Digital Twins of Telecom Infrastructure

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Axians France has formed a partnership with digital modeling company Pix4D that will grant its customers – operators and telecom infrastructure managers – access to digital twins of their infrastructures.

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The new partnership will allow Axians to integrate digital twin technology into its offerings, while also enabling Pix4D to leverage Axians’ expertise to offer BIM services that are fully adapted to the specific nature and evolution of telecom infrastructures.

Digital twin technology produces a singular point of reference for industrial and real estate assets, granting higher accuracy in asset management, increased transparency and flow of information, advanced real-time and preventive analytics, advanced and maintenance planning, and improved safety for inspection teams,

As an innovation and technology leader within the French telecommunication sector, Axians will work alongside Pix4D to establish a technological ecosystem with the goal of increasing the accuracy of data capture. By generating BIM 3D models and digital twins of its customers’ infrastructures, Axians will be able to strengthen its offerings.

A leader in the applied photogrammetry industry, Pix4D offers BIM services through the Pix4D Digital Construction Team (DCT), led by BIM specialist and digitization expert Dr. Jacques Khouri. Through the use of its digital twin and AI technology, Pix4D will be able to automatically discern critical telecom assets and their dimensions. The DCT will produce 3D BIM models to be utilized in new 5G antenna installation, maintenance, and other use cases. Telecommunication assets will be accurately recreated in smart 3D models.

“One of the major challenges of our customers, operators and managers of telecommunications infrastructure, has always been the accurate knowledge of their assets (towers, rooftop, …) in order to optimize them and enhance them,” said David Lammens, CEO of Axians Infrastructures and telecommunications in France. “Axians’ expertise combined with Pix4D’s digital modeling services will provide our customers with more reliable access, faster and better control of the evolution of their infrastructures.”

“Pix4D is ideally positioned to deliver BIM modeling services. Our aim is to provide a high-value end-to-end solution that, with our well-established machine learning techniques and algorithms, we can use to substantially reduce the costs, duration, and complexity of creating BIM and digital twin models,” said Pix4D co-founder and CEO Dr. Christoph Strecha. “Our results will provide Axians with 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, as well as 4D through to 7D-level BIM models. This is an opportunity for our companies to innovate and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

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