The White Balance In Drone Shots – Important Notes 2022

The white balance in drone shots – important notes


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As a drone pilot, and a photographer you most likely know how important is the white balance is. It is a key component in good shots, and it is essential for realistic scenes. If you are not sure what it is, or how to use it, you are in the right place- forget about the auto white balance, because today you are going to learn how to actually use the manual white balance and create amazing shots!

White Balance – notes

A white balance – what is it?

White balance is the temperature of a photo, or in other words- how warm will the colors appear when the shot is already taken. The white balance is measured in units that are called Kelvin.

The numbers are between 1,000 and 10,000, the lower numbers are showing cooler temperatures, while the higher numbers are showing warmer temperatures. When using manual white balance you have to choose the closest to the neutral temperature as possible.

If you have chosen too warm, or too cool white balance, your picture will not look aesthetic and natural. You can also check which numbers are good for the specific situations such as moonlight, sunlight, streetlight, etc. For example, if the sky is clear and blue the Kelvin should be 10000, but if you are taking shots during sunset, you have to put the white balance on 2500.

Manual white balance – why?

Most drones have auto white balance, and many people prefer to use this function, since they believe it is easier, and the drone can choose better. However, we don’t think so, especially if you are shooting a video and the lighting is changing. Using manual white balance gives you the chance to fine-tune the colors and keep them consistent during the whole shoot.

You can set the manual white balance with your custom settings on your drone, but you can also work on the balance later by using Lightroom. It is always easier to use automatic balance, but we strongly advise you to check the manual and to see that your shots will be much better when you have the control in your hands.

There is only one thing that you should keep in mind all the time – you are not trying to catch the light – you are trying to neutralize it. If you manage to neutralize it, you will have the perfect white balance and the perfect shot!

To conclude we would like to say that the white balance is an essential setting for perfect shots. Make sure you have the right number and then go and make some amazing shots!

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