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Top 10 drones under 300$


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You want to find a good drone, but you don’t want to spend more than 300$? The truth is that you can definitely do that, and We can help you! According to our research, here are the top 10 drones under 300$ that deserve your attention:

Top 10 drones under 300$

1. Holy Stone HS 720

Equipped with 4K UHD Camera, fight time up to 20 minutes, and the amazing flight range of 1600 meters. And that’s not all, this drone’s camera includes Stabilization and Shock Absorption. There is only one minus- it goes a little over 300$, but it is considered as one of the best came drones.

2. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera

This drone includes GPS, improved stability, and two batteries with separate battery charger. The only complaint is about the camera quality. However, it’s perfect for selfie drone.

3. Contixio F24 PRO

Great camera (2.7.K UHD resolution), famous with its ability to transmit live video through an app. Its flight times can go up to 30 minutes, and flight range up to It is a great offer, even though the FPV mode goes only up to 600m.

4. Altair Dagger

High-quality drone with phenomenal camera quality. Altair Dagger is popular with great quality and customer service. The only con of this drone is that it can only up to 300 m range.

5. DROCON Bugs 3 Quadcopter

This is one powerful drone with excellent flight stability. It is great for beginners. It has long control range and can work even there is wind. I$t can be attached to all GoPro models. However, it has some cons too- it is a basic drone, and its features are limited, and sometimes it has issues with syncing the remote controller.

6. Potensic D85 Drone

Absolutely cool drone, equipped with good camera, long control range, 3-speed modes and long flight time. Perfect choice for a less expensive one. It deserves to be a part from the top 10 drones under 300$.

7. Simrex X11 Drone

Heavier than the usual drone, but his battery can last up to 20 minutes at a time. You can connect it to your mobile phone, and the best part is that includes a return-home function, automatically following you function, and many others beginner-friendly options.

8. Holy Stone HS100G

Considered as one of the bestsellers under 250$, this drone combines great specifications and the perfect set of features. This drone is aimed at the outdoors, it is stable, and it can be operated easily. One con- requires FAA registration in the US.

9. MJX BW2 Bugs 5W Drone

This drone is widely popular and one of the best choices for its cheap price. It has good flight time, great handling and stability and remote control which comes with phone holder, where you can safely watch the real time video. Are there any disadvantages? One- control distance is only 300 meters.

10. Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Edition

It performs perfectly well, and it is great for beginners, since it Is super stable. And that’s not all- it has protective over foam around the motors and propellers. It has some cons too- not many features and short control distance.

Now you know that you can get a qualified drone, without paying a lot. The top 10 drones under 300$ are good choices. Wish you good luck with your drone experience!

We remind you that no matter what kind of drone you fly, you always should follow and keep the main drone laws and regulations.

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