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Top 5 drones with Collision Avoidance system


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Every drone buyer knows how big importance the collision avoidance system have is. It basically can ensure your safe flight, or at least safer, especially when it comes to returning the drone back home, tracking something, or flying around trees and buildings.

In today’s article, we are going to share with you the  top 5 collision avoidance drones and hopefully, we will help you to make your choice. We have a lot of favorites, but our research says that these 5 drones are the best:

Collision Avoidance system – the 5 Top drones

DJI Air 2S

We all know the famous Mavic Air 2. The DJI Air 2S is its improved version that comes with an amazing, four-directional obstacle and collision avoidance system that combines sensors on the back, bottom, top, and front. This drone is fully capable of perceiving the surroundings, which makes it possible to avert difficulties in even more complex stations than usual.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

One of the most famous  choices in the market nowadays, thanks to its high-quality cameras plus its obstacle avoidance systems. It’s a good choice for professionals since this drone is pretty expensive. However, we can surely say that it’s well worth every penny spent. DJI Mavic 2 Pro is easy to navigate, and it is equipped with one of the best working collision avoidance systems in the nowadays market. It has sensors located on all sides of the aircraft.

Mavic Air 2

As we mentioned before, Mavic Air 2 has always been one of our favorites. Especially when we discuss collision avoidance drones. It comes with the latest Advanced Pilot Assistance System(3.0), and it is equipped with downward, back and front sensors. This drone can observe and recognize the environment in three directions, which makes it almost certain to avoid a collision.

Phantom 4 Pro

It comes with a very good collision avoidance systems, it is good for inside and outside filming. It is equipped with three sets innovative vision sensors, combined with infrared sensors. Thanks to all these technologies it has 5 direction collision sensing system. Phantom 4 Pro Is a good choice for drone that will avoid collision

DJI Matrice 200

Last, but not least we have DJI again. This comes with innovative vision sensors. It has 360 degrees system, which gives the drone the ability to scan its surroundings, detect obstacles and fly around them even without the contribution of the pilot. This drone comes with shock protection and isolation, which ensures its accuracy even in the hardest conditions.

Remember, collision avoidance systems are important. Drones are not cheap, so every collision costs a lot. The collision avoidance systems play a role in many situations- when the pilot does not have a clear sight of the surroundings when the pilot uses the‘ return to home button’ and many more. So, consider these systems as a MUST while buying your next drone.

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