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Camp Atterbury, Indiana – The uAvionix and R Cubed Engineering Team has just wrapped its highly successful participation in the Joint US DoD and NATO Allies Bold Quest 2021 (BQ21) held at Camp Atterbury, Indiana from 3-10 November.  uAvionix conducted over 13 hours of flight mission time in support of the Mode 5 Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Mission Thread with its DoD AIMS Certified RT-2087/ZPX-B micro IFF and its truFYX GPS for FAA Certified position source feed.

Firsts were achieved not only for live military flight tests with an electronic cryptographic unit and operational crypto keys, but the implementation of an enhanced Mode 5 Level 2B in the ZPX-B generating live IFF targets and data feeds to support a variety of US and International airborne assets, Air Defense and Air Traffic Radars, and IFF Test sets under certification or evaluation.

Additionally, uAvionix showcased its passive Mode 5 Level 2 ZPX-R tactical receiver for ground-based, shipborne, or airborne message reception offering situational awareness and Detect and Avoid (DAA) capabilities.  Mode 5 Level 2 transmits encrypted, periodic squitters that enable situational awareness in areas where Mode 5 interrogators are absent, thereby increasing the upward scalability of deployment. ZPX-R provides data in multiple formats for easy incorporation into tactical displays, ACAS Xu, or other DAA processors. The extensive body of data generated received by the ZPX-R passive IFF Receiver will support the DoD’s analysis in determining the path forward for Mode 5 Level 2B and help refine the various systems participating in BQ21.

Mode 5 Level 2B provides enhanced and encrypted signals, or squitters, on par with the civilian ADS-B used on aircraft worldwide.   The uAvionix ZPX-B micro IFF was installed on a classic 1957 Cessna 182 Skylane for the event, demonstrating the ease of rapid integration and reliability sought in military applications.  The full capabilities of the ZPX-B were showcased, with Civil Modes 3 A, C, and S, ADS-B Out, and military Modes 1,2, and 5 Level 1, 2, and 2B (OUT), permitting live air traffic deconfliction and interrogation by civil and military IFF radar systems.

The ZPX-B has developed under a joint US Army and Navy Small Business Innovative Research effort to provide a micro IFF capable of enabling Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TUAS) in service and in development to meet to operational needs of the combatant force.  Next up for the team is flight tests in the US Navy’s RQ-21 Blackjack and the US Army’s Future Tactical UAS.

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