Ukraine’s New Kamikaze Jet Drone Makes First Flight

Maxim Glushak announced on his Facebook page that a new kamikaze jet drone made its first flight in Ukraine. The photos reveal an unmanned aerial vehicle developed in a canard configuration with a horizontal front tail.

The presence of air intakes makes it possible to claim that a non-rocket engine is installed on the UAV. In addition, there is a high probability that the engine thrust is adjustable.

The kamikaze drone has a straight wing with Hoerner-type wingtips, which provide additional lifting power and help to get rid of the “Dutch roll” due to weak directional stability.

Volunteers from the “Battalion Volunteer” charitable foundation took part in the tests of the new kamikaze drone.

For take-off, the drone needs a special trolley, which disappears during the climb and remains on the runway.

As Militarnyi reported previously, the Ukrainian military also received the initial batch of new AQ 400 Scythe strike drones.

In an official statement, the company announced the successful completion of purchases aimed at mass production of these long-range kamikaze UAVs.

The company currently has an initial production capacity of 100 AQ 400 Scythe units per month. However, in the future, it plans to increase this number to 500 units.

Photos: Max Glushak

Source: Militarnyi