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Which beginner drone tips are most valuable?


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So, you have purchased your first drone? You are new to this and you still need to learn how to fly it without crashing it into the first building? We understand the struggle, and that’s why we want to give you some beginner drone tips that will be helpful in your drone journey!

What are the best beginner drone tips?

Legal flight

The most important tip is – register your drone before flying it! Especially, if you are located in the US. There are some drone flight guidelines, which are a good idea to check before flying your drone in the US. You can read FAA drone laws and be prepared for your drone flight.

Check the signal of GPS

GPS signals are mandatory for safe flying. You can fly your drone when it finds at least 10 satellites, and when the GPS icon is followed by at least 4 bars.

Obstacle avoidance system

As a beginner drone tips, we can say – get a drone equipped with an obstacle avoidance system. You will learn to control it, but until then, it is a good idea that your drone will be able to detect and avoid an obstacle on its own Get insurance

Crashing your drone as a beginner is a common thing. Believe us, we all have been there. It is always a good idea to get insurance for your drone. If you have chosen a drone with a collision-avoidance system, the insurance fee will be lower.

Be patient

You got your drone today, but the weather is not by your side. Do not rush it! Wait for good weather if you want to fly your drone! Be patient, you will have difficulties in the beginning, but with time it will get better.

Do not practice around people

Avoid flying your drone near a lot of people, since an accident  can occur. It is better to practice in an open area. It will be less likely to crush it into a tree, building, or person.

Prepare return to home altitude (RTH)

When you switch into RTH mode, your drone will come  back to your home automatically. Better do that before flying your drone, because it will ensure that your drone will not get lost. 

Practice using beginner mode

The beginner mode enables an altitude and distance limit. This will ensure that all sensors will help you to fly your drone.

Check your battery level

You should always paycheck the battery levels before flying your drone. Your drone must have enough battery to get back home safely. One more tip- when flying against the wind your drone will use more battery than usual.

Buy travel case 

If you want to keep your drone safe, you need a travel case. You may not believe it, but losing parts is a common situation if you don’t have a case for your drone. Every professional has a travel case, and it is extremely recommended for beginners.

Now you have some beginner drone tips for your journey. We wish you good luck!

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