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Why do not fly above the allowed altitude


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One of the most important rules for drone pilots is to fly up to the allowed altitude of 400 feet. Every person who has ever flown a drone knows this rule and follows it without questioning. But have you ever wondered why you should never fly above 400 feet? We will give you the answer today!

Reasons behind the rule for the allowed altitude

There are a lot of reasons behind this rule, including legal issues, no control over the drone due to high air pressure, no connection and last, but not least- damage to the drone due to weather conditions. Let’s look in depth:

  • Legal issues – every country has specific laws for drone flying. If you have decided to get yourself a drone it is always a good idea to check online the legal altitude for flying your machine. You can check them on our website. You are most likely to receive just a warning, but better not to risk it.
  • Altitude issues- one of the biggest reasons behind the rule is the fact that your drone will not be stable anymore if you fly above 400feet. This will also lead to lack of control over the machine, since the air molecules available will be less and the movement will be harder.
  • Weather- if you go above the allowed altitude, the humidity will change, the air will become colder and you are risking exposing your drone under water. This will be bad for every electronic component, the lens and camera.
  • Lost connection- simply, you will lose your connection and you will have to count on the RTH function if you want to see your drone again.

What happens if you go above the allowed altitude?

The first thing that will happen if you fly above the allowed altitude is losing connection. And then it all depends on the type of drone and controller you are having. If your drone is a consumer level one, it will probably have an automatic RTH function. This means you can just wait for the drone to return to its home point.

However, if your drone is not equipped with the automatic flying stabilization, or does not have the RTH function it will probably crash land to the place where you lost signal. Not good, for sure!

To conclude, we can say that beside the legal issues there are many more problems that may occur if you fly above the allowed altitude. Our advice is to fly below 400 feet and enjoy a safe flight! Good luck!

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